Old Saybrook Parks and Recreation Department

The Old Saybrook Parks and Recreation Department made safety and usability enhancements to existing trails in The Preserve.

The projects ranged from, textile removal, repairs to existing trails, signage updates and strategically adding benches around the network. These additions were critical steps to help reduce the number of people who report being lost on the trails.

The frequently traveled trails in Old Saybrook’s Preserve span over hundreds of acres. The trails skirt vernal pools, follow along rock outcrops and take visitors on a scenic route around the Pequot Swamp Pond. The trails are a healthy mix of both single and double tracks.

Repeat and first-time visitors alike shared their enthusiasm about the fresh updates to The Preserves trail network. The impact of the usability enhancements are profound and adds a consistent foundation for future enhancements and work on The Preserve.

There was a strong need for quality opinions for creating steps and priorities for the project. Along with a professional trail builder the towns Parks and Recreation Department worked in conjunction with the Forestry Division of DEEP, and the Cockaponsett State Forest unit headquartered in Haddam.

The cost for the project was complicated and required a multi-faceted grant to make the repairs to The Preserve. Some of the funds were used to hire trail professionals to assist the process. Other funds were used to purchase materials such as signs and posts. To obtain pricing estimates, the Parks and Recreation Department worked with sign vendors, relied on past invoices for work done in The Preserve, and also obtained proposals from The Trail Building Company.


  • Consulting / Project Management
  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Removed Construction Textiles
  • Added Signage
  • Custom Tree Trunk Benches
  • Kiosk Improvements