Millstone Farm

Millstone Farm is a 71-acre working farm with a CSA, livestock, and a state-of-the-art equestrian facility.

Millstone constructed a sustainable, low-impact, scenic hiking trail in 2018. The trail meanders over pastures, woods, roads, rock outcrops, steams and ponds. Drainage dips, grade changes and water bars were used for sustainable tread ways and erosion control. The project goal was to separate private equestrian trails from the hikers. Separating the two activities creates an atmosphere that allows all patrons to enjoy the property concurrently, without causing disruption to the other.

Hikers have expressed their enjoyment of the trail for morning runs and lunchtime hikes. Neighbors and town members have easy trail access from a new parking lot along the roadside. The trail will someday get connected to the Town’s established hiking trail network. 

The Town’s wetlands consultant had questions and concerns about environmental changes. After inspection, the consultant agreed that the selected pathways would not be an issue for wetland crossings.

The project cost was relatively low.  For this sustainable project, the environment around the trail supplied the majority of materials needed for construction, including rocks for steps, tree trunks for bridge treadways and excavated soil for the hardened bench-cut pathways.

  • Trail Design / Layout
  • Hands on Trail Building Experience
  • Bench Cut Hiking Trail
  • Rock Stepping Stones
  • Custom Tree Truck Bridges
  • Gravel Filled Staircase