The Trail Building Company

The Trail Building Company comes fully equipped to fix or tackle any challenge a trail might have. As trail builders, we keep a primary focus on safety, drainage and longevity. From fixing age old water-bars and squaring rock steps, to re-routing long stretched of eroded trail and fixing aged bridges. The Trail Building Company can take on a wide range of challenges where erosion and degradation have taken a serious toll. The Trail Building Company is fully insured up to two million dollars, provides workers compensation, and has completed the game of logging.

Before terms and conditions can be finalized, a walk-through consultation of every project must happen. Possible route options, fixes, reroutes, expansions and multiple possible tread-way locations can change each project final cost. The Trail Building Company will look into the trails right of way, and remain transparent to any towns Wetlands Department. The Trail Building Company works hard to communicate goals clearly to our clients. We leave landowners more knowledgeable and ready to find solutions for problems that might arise in the future.


We Love Rocks

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And Dirt

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